Simplicity in data management
and instant recovery

Backup & Recovery solutions for data centres, cloud, and remote offices, which optimise tasks, organise information, and protect against ransomware attacks.


Scalable systems that implement SLA’s-based new backup and recovery paradigms, minimizing RPO and RTO values.


Easy-to-manage platforms that reduce TCO, minimise implementation times, and are controlled from the cloud.


Innovative models that organise information and allow you to extract value from stored data.


Autonomous infrastructures that allow you to instantly recover the service from the platform itself.

The Backup that is managed by itself

The only solution with an immutable and secure design that protects on-premises or cloud environments from ransomware attacks.
  • Save up to 90% on management time and up to 50% on license payments.
  • Minimise tasks and scale data growth with a single SLA policy engine.
  • Quickly archive to hybrid or multiple clouds with maximum protection.
  • Access proactive services that solve problems that have not yet surfaced.

Adopt the new
technological paradigms

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