Scalable computing solutions that accelerate organisations' business processes, improving efficiency and solving new challenges.​

Resilient and secure servers with high computing power that multiply the speed and performance of technology environments.


Scalable, energy-efficient solutions that dramatically improve data performance and application execution.


Large memory, storage and secure workloads capable of running mission-critical workloads and demanding applications.


Maximum power ready to support high workloads, such as supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence, without the need to alter your data or protocols.

ThinkServer servers with maximum performance and flexibility, extreme density and better energy efficiency for demanding workloads and critical needs.

The scalable and resilient system that guarantees excellent performance for many years to come, handling the most critical workloads and scalable to accommodate the growth of your business.

  • Simplifies management and makes it easy for your business to expand.
  • Reduce costs and complexity with intelligent connectivity, security and manageability for harsh environments.
  • Configure your storage options and get the best uptime, no matter the size of your business or organisation.
  • Integrate massive compute power in a minimal footprint, optimal for high-performance computing, AI, Big Data, cloud, grid, analytics, virtualisations, graphics and VDI.
  • Get great performance, reliability, quality and efficiency with the IBM and Lenovo guarantee.

Adopt the new
technological paradigms

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