Automatic and continuous Network Teaming services and continuous external Attack Surface management

Web, mobile, and network apps analysis, recognition and attack of your Surface Attack anytime, remotely, with no impact on your organisation.


Cybersecurity services available 24/7, 365 days.


Daily Ethical Hacking, without the need for prior planning that runs without altering the daily performance of your company.


Real-time attack drills to proactively and reactively measure your defensive capabilities.

The automated recognition platform and multi-step attacks

Continuous recognition, attack surface detection, and multi-stage attacks using a single platform that unifies and automates security tasks.

  • Identify the attack surface in your environments, even the most changing ones.
  • Discover your attack paths and breaches before hackers.
  • Control what data, applications, and services are intentionally or accidentally exposed.

Adopt the new
technological paradigms

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