The next-generation platform for data intensive applications

AI/machine learning, life sciences research, enterprise technical computing, and high-performance data analytics

The Weka Limitless data platform is optimised for NVMe-flash and hybrid cloud, allowing you to capitalise on advances in cloud, GPU computing and flash technologies, while eliminating the trade-off between simplicity, speed and scale.

  • WekaFS simplifies storage by eliminating the silos of NAS, SAN, and object storage found in today’s data centers.

  • Unique Snap2Object capability enables improved disaster resilience and cloud bursting.

  • Any file-based application can be run in the cloud without modification.

  • The fully POSIX-compliant virtual file system can be deployed on dedicated storage servers (appliance model), in a converged solution (with compute and storage integrated in the same server), or natively in the cloud.

  • We work with AWS. Whether you’re looking for on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployment, Weka has you covered.

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